You name it!

“If you name the band after yourself, you can never get fired.” That bit of rock-‘n’-roll wisdom prompted me to call my company “Matthew Rothenberg LLC” back when I limited my liability and procured my EIN in 2008.

But lately, I’m beginning to think that what was good for the Jimi Hendrix Experience may not be so hot for my corporate profile. In fact, I’m inclined to decouple the name of the company from the name of its founder.

A few reasons why I want to make the change:

At corporate events, it looks really stupid to wear a name tag that reads,

“Matthew Rothenberg
Matthew Rothenberg LLC”

It also becomes absurd when filling out contracts and other forms.

Name of contractor? Matthew Rothenberg.

Name of company? Matthew Rothenberg.

I should simply round the whole thing out by identifying my role in the company as Matthew Rothenberg, so I can be “Matthew Rothenberg, Matthew Rothenberg of Matthew Rothenberg LLC”! It’s a little Gertrude Stein but lacks a beat.

There’s at least one too many Matthew Rothenbergs in my corporate branding … And seriously, it also doesn’t scale or take into account other people I bring in to provide specialized smarts.

So while I’m noodling on names, I figured I’d try this crowd-source style: What should I rename my company? (In case you didn’t know, I sift content from the competitive information of clients and use it to help them reach business goals. That’s content strategy, marketing and implementation. It’s story-telling and business strategy. It’s information architecture and multiplatform publishing. It’s complicated stuff — and nobody calls it “Matthew Rothenberg.”)

Talk to me here, drop me an e-mail, pitch me via your favorite social media … But I’m tired of being Matthew Rothenberg, Matthew Rothenberg of Matthew Rothenberg LLC. Help me flee this recursive branding hell!

6 thoughts on “You name it!

  1. Matthew Rothenberg

    So the business I do combines content and business strategy … I help people look at new kinds of content and new ways of applying content to business goals.

    One friend suggested Content Validation LLC. That’s a little dry, but it does get me away from the overused “content strategy” label.

    Or I could just get abstract and coin new terms: Metallagora LLC? It works for Big Pharma!

  2. Mark Johansen

    Gorn Speak and Spell Enterprises, LLC
    Metaluna Research Holdings, Ltd.
    SSAS, SA —if pressed “Soft Strategic Alignment Services, SA”, but could change constantly. Only take jobs from clients who realize it is ass ass backwards.


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