Wired love for Che Underground!

When old friends and I started the Che Underground blog February 16 (my 43rd birthday), we didn’t know how successful we’d be at reassembling the sights, sounds and sociology of the early-’80s San Diego music scene it covers.

So far, it’s exceeded my fondest hopes — and today we got some very welcome recognition from Wired.com. Music editor Eliot Van Buskirk did a terrific piece on our scene and our site, including a lovely sidebar showing some of the participants before and after.

“‘We were ignored by the media and harassed by the powers that be, hated by the San Diego Police Department and still the shows went on, the zines were printed and distributed — all pre-internet and pre-home computer,’ said Toby ‘Lifehater’ Gibson via e-mail. ‘Most kids today have no clue how much work that was back in the day, making the stuff by hand, advertising however you could and distributing on foot.'”

3 thoughts on “Wired love for Che Underground!

  1. DA-SF

    This will be a strange post. Thru some searching I saw a post on Che Underground about the old PD-5 band in SD. The post had a link to a pix and old article (Larry Himmel I think on CBS5?)…but the link expired. I’m the son of the lead singer of the original PD-5 and have been trying to dig up old articles and pix of the band and him…he passed back when I was 14. If you could let me know a way to get the article I’d appreciate it.


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