Winston tastes good

I’ve spent this work week on a professional trek to historic Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where I stayed with a group of my colleagues in the lovely old faux-Norman Graylyn estate and ate copious quantities of cheese grits. Oprah is a regular visitor to Graylyn, although I have no empirical data on her grits consumption.

It took me about 40 minutes to get a decent handle on the geography of downtown (whose Reynolds Building served as the prototype for the Empire State Building), and we had a chance to make a few interesting forays after work.

The highlight of the week for me was a slumber party with my dear friend John Stees, who is currently living in Raleigh with his wife Michelle and two daughters and working as operations manager for the local Habitat for Humanity. John looks to be in ruddy good health and is as delightfully acerbic as ever. enjoyed a terrific dinner at the Old Salem Tavern followed by a quasi-collegiate “rap session” (as the kids put it) involving a spare cot and a couple of cans of the local brew. At our age, these festivities of course ended by 10:30, but the thought still counts.

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