Wendell and me

The power of Google: Ace photographer Harold Gee posted this picture of me and Noise 292 percussionist Wendell Kling rocking the acoustic at Presidio Park back in 1984. I must reconnect with the most excellent Mr. Gee …

Update: I coincidentally unearthed a 1991 memoir I wrote about that summer that includes mention of Harold and the circumstances of this photo. “Our stretch of Presidio Park was @ the foot of a five-sided tower on a hillside, w/a pretty good view of downtown & the Navy docks; [Hair Theatre vocalist] Sergio & I entertained a pack of skinheaded youngsters there one night w/Donovan & Creedence & Dylan numbers, & there were usually four or five guitars & maybe a harmonica floating around the crowd. Harold Gee, another older guy, an eternal local photographer & jeweler & writer, showed up w/Chris Negro a couple of times & added his trumpet to the Presidio mix. “

3 thoughts on “Wendell and me

  1. Tom Ward

    Wow, man–Chris! With that perpetual marching band coat, or was it of some other origin? Blue with red piping and frogs and so on, as I recall. Was it perhaps stripped from some corpse of the Union Army? I’ve often thought of that guy, but could not remember his monicker. Truly a character of the first order, but among many.


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