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Keeping it real

Albatross! Get your albatross!

Has this ever happened to you? Having set up this blog a couple of years ago, I feel like I need to feed it occasionally … But in the meantime, all the social networking I’m doing with the Che Underground blog, Facebook, Twitter, et al. — not to mention my day job at TheLadders, where we’re currently figuring out our blogging play — has me everywhere else on the Web but here.

And while I don’t suffer from introversion or a lack of ego, there’s just so much truly personal detail I want to commit to the unpredictable currents of the Web.

I’m comfortable treating this blog as a beacon for old friends looking for me online and as a spot for the occasional G-rated family bulletin, akin to those newsletters people used to mail around to their friends (“Nussbaum Family News: All’s well at our house … Richard broke an arm, and little Melanie won a star for her finger painting. Oh, and Darlene and I have agreed to see other people. Happy holidays!”)

Anybody else wondering exactly what to do with their personal blogs as other social-networking options proliferate? I’d like to hear suggestions!

PS: Everybody here is in fact doing wonderfully. Nancy is selling a gratifying amount of art in this down economy (and blogging admirably!); the kids are rockin’ at school, and the veterinary bills have been surprisingly modest. Here’s to 2009!