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I’m in the Times (not)

Mazel tov to The Other Matthew Rothenberg for a story in today’s New York Times that features a fetching photo and his views from high atop the Flickr digital-photo empire.

As my own social graph will tell you, the presence of two high-tech Matthew Rothenbergs has caused a bit of confusion at times and reminds me of the inconclusive negotiations my father had back in the dear, dead analog days of the early ’60s with The Other Jerome Rothenberg, an architect who also happened to write poetry on the side.

And while my wife Nancy Tobin remains at No. 1 in the Google sweepstakes, she’s in a similar pickle: For some reason, art attracts Nancy Tobins like poetry attracts Jerome Rothenbergs and Internet technology, Matthew Rothenbergs. She vies with a sculptor, a photo researcher, and a sound artist.

I’ve suggested to Nancy that they all team up and do a big “Nancy Tobin” show. In the same vein, my doppelgänger suggests “we go in 50/50 on something like whichmatthewrothenbergdoyouwant.com , put a line down the center, our clickable faces and bios on opposite sides of the page, and then pile on the google juice till it becomes the number one search result for our name. We’d be providing a valuable service to the world! (Well, the very small yet incredibly savvy portion of the world who is looking for a Matthew Rothenberg).”

I’m in … There can never be too many Matthew Rothenbergs!

Happy post-Halloween!

Between Che Underground, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — oh, yeah, and real life! — this blog has been growing a bit weedy.

I started my very cool new job at TheLadders at the beginning of September … Sadie and Lily entered 10th and 6th grades, respectively … Nancy has been arting it up furiously … And we’ve been engaged in the usual run of family holiday fun, most notably our elaborate preparations for Halloween.

Our front yard is the scariest on the block, and Sadie and Lily outdid themselves as Rorschach from the “Watchmen” graphic novel and one of a pair of cupcakes. Lily is the one on the right in this photo from yesterday’s Halloween party in Maplewood Village.

Nancy’s paperwork

We’re even busier than usual, for an exciting reason: Nancy was awarded a fellowship in printing and paper-making down at Rutgers, a big honor that’s got her commuting to New Brunswick, NJ. That means, we’re a two-commute family for two weeks — a situation that became more complicated today when Lily had to stay home sick. It definitely gives us an appreciation for the kind of gymnastics many of our neighbors go through every day!

October Odds & Sods

Nancy is in the inaugural exhibition of Rupert Ravens’ magnificent new gallery in Newark!

Sara, our old black Lab, isn’t doing so well. I hate October when it comes to elderly pets … Seems to come in with a scythe and leave with our livestock.

On the bright side, we’re gearing up for Halloween in a big way! Lily is going to be a Grim Reaper holding her own head, and Sadie is going to be a naked-rat angel princess in honor of her much-loved rat Frisbee, who did indeed pass away just before Halloween ’05.