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The right profile

Tech visionary with coffeeThis post from the profanely hilarious “Jesus Christ, Silicon Valley” blog has been around for a while. But now that I’m thinking through aspects of my own image, I came back to it.

The piece does a beautiful, obscenity-riddled job of taking down the overinflated imagery that’s spilled everywhere since social media convinced every technologist that they’re thought leaders and must look the part.

Here’s one of the few passages that I can quote without spewing Anglo-Saxon variations all over the page: “What in holy hell motivates someone to upload this type of picture as a representative photo? LinkedIn I conceivably get as an unsubtle attempt at resume-bolstering — “I am competent enough to speak to a crowd of idiots; love/hire me.” — but popping this on Facebook, where your “friends” are, exudes such look-at-me desperation I almost feel as sorry for these jackholes as I do anyone who has to come into direct human contact with them.”

I’d say you don’t want to look that desperate on LinkedIn, either. If you haven’t read this piece, do it — then don’t post a picture like these.