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A magical summer

Here’s a quick update from the Smoky Mountains, where we’ve rented a cabin for a week to wind up an amazing summer.

I’ve had lots of consulting work to keep me busy, but it’s also afforded me the flexibility to explore New York, catch up with folks, take a couple of trips, hang out with Nancy, get our house ship-shape and generally tie up all loose ends.

We vacationed in Michigan and Tennessee, the kids had their two weeks at camp, we hosted a passel of Nancy’s siblings and took in a Yankees game, I’ve worked on the Che Underground blog, we bought a conure, we visited a movie set (courtesy of Joe Drago) so Lily could meet Andy Garcia, we rode a tour bus around lower Manhattan (twice!), Nancy rented a new studio, I got to hang out with the peeps back at the CNET/Ziff Davis Media/Ziff Davis Enterprise offices, we learned all about fine vegan dining … It’s been spectacular!

Tuesday, Sept. 2, I start a great new job as content director for TheLadders, the No. One recruiting site for six-figure salaries. They’re great folks with a rockin’ office in SoHo, and I think we’ll make magic together. A perfect coda to a fantastic summer.