Should Don Diego be forgot …

While Googling the date of the late James Brown’s mid-’80s appearance at the Del Mar Fair, I happened across this wonderful archive of San Diego concerts from the ’30s through the ’90s.

The list isn’t exhaustive by any means — and most of my favorite rock-‘n’-roll experiences happened in venues far smaller than the ones included here — but I have found some lovely nuggets, including a great Bruce Springsteen concert (Sept. 1, 1981); The Clash and the English Beat (June 12, 1982); and REM at the aforementioned Del Mar Fairgrounds (June 20, 1984).

I haven’t been able to locate that James Brown gig, however.

One thought on “Should Don Diego be forgot …

  1. Tom Ward

    I remember that James Brown gig! But not properly. It was on the early side of the mid-’80s, for sure. My memory contains what amounts to a screen shot of the stage, from some distance. I think for some reason I couldn’t stick around, but witnessed some kind of soundcheck. I was terribly young, and often had to miss things I knew were historic for lack of coin, transportation, or even just permission. Homework requirements (and avoidance) took their toll, as well. Then again, it’s possible I saw the show, but just can no longer register it properly. Strangely, I have a much better memory of an appearance by the Coasters in 1982 or ’83, also at the Del Mar Fair. They sang live over a phonograph record; no band was present. They had a xeroxed photo of the vocal trio that they autographed for me; it likely cost a dollar or something. It’s excellent to me that you invoke Don Diego; I mentioned the phenomenon recently to a much younger San Diegan I met a few years ago here in New York. Too much time has passed for me to expect to see any of those metal Don Diego signs remaining….


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