Rothenberg vs. Rothenberg!

Why did another Rothenberg family have to name their son “Matthew,” and why, oh why did this younger, slimmer model have to grow up to to become a social-media specialist?

I’m no slacker on the Web, and (I’m afraid) I do have a few years on my counterpart ā€” but he’s undeniably doing a better job of cultivating his personal online findability.

In fact, this blog is my accidental beachhead when it comes to keeping the mid-’60s model of “Matthew Rothenberg” near the top of Google … While I’m putting a lot more care and feeding into my day job at TheLadders, my Facebook profile and the Che Underground blog, this little online homing beacon just keeps glowing despite my benign neglect.

So until I can induce the other Matthew Rothenberg to change his name to “Martin” or get a job building furniture or herding caribou somewhere remote and offline, here’s a good spot to find me!

2 thoughts on “Rothenberg vs. Rothenberg!

  1. DavidMorgenstern

    There are a serious number of David Morgensterns, including the one on the first couple of seasons of the show ER. However, here’s an odd one:

    Another David Morgenstern lived in San Francisco. He went to San Francisco State, albeit after me but I was working there at the same time. He also worked on campus. His father is Leon Morgenstern, a doctor (surgery) while my father is Leonard Morgenstern, also a doctor (pathology).

    His mother called me once hoping I was him. Oy.


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