Our town

We moved from San Francisco to New Jersey in April 2001; now we live in Maplewood, the San Francisco of New Jersey.

Maplewood is “like Shangri-la,” opines Broadway hotshot Christine Ebersole. “It’s so culturally diverse, and all my children are adopted—a transracial family. And we’re not the freaks. Everybody flies their freak flag high in Maplewood!”

E.B. White’s granddaughter and Thelonius Monk’s grandson are enrolled in our school district, and we have a circus every Fourth of July. Taking the train out of New York in the heat of summer and rolling into the Maplewood train station evokes the town in the Twilight Zone episode “A Stop at Willoughby,” except with the aforementioned freak flags.

Maplewood Online offers some insights into the community, including a discussion board to rival Monty Python’s “Argument Clinic” sketch. You can check out the Village Cam for a live view of Maplewood Avenue that’s virtually indistinguishable from images dated 1959.

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