More Matthew Rothenberg!

That was funny: I actually did get mistaken for the other Matthew Rothenberg while on the road to promote “You’re Better Than Your Job Search” with Marc Cenedella.

The last night of our tour, in Chicago, our host at the bookstore introduced Marc as CEO of TheLadders — then began to read off my bona fides as social technologist for Flickr! I stopped her and cleared up the confusion.

It was actually a great object lesson in our career guidance to Google yourself, the better to be ready for any identity UFOs.

3 thoughts on “More Matthew Rothenberg!

  1. DavidMorgenstern

    This is funny. Years ago, I was once herded towards the artist known as Seal at an launch event for one of the early iPods. He was the featured guest artist. This was backstage at Moscone.

    I said that I really didn’t have to meet him, I mean, I’m just the editor of a storage-centric site. But they insisted. Seal was gracious and a fine fellow (I didn’t ask about Heidi). As I was walking way, I overheard the PR flacks talking: they thought I was Joe Morgenstern at Rolling Stone. OY!

  2. mroth

    Hello there, this is the other Matthew Rothenberg… just came across this post…

    So here’s my idea: we should go in 50/50 on something like , put a line down the center, our clickable faces and bios on opposite sides of the page, and then pile on the google juice till it becomes the number one search result for our name. We’d be providing a valuable service to the world! (Well, the very small yet incredibly savvy portion of the world who is looking for a Matthew Rothenberg).

  3. Matthew Rothenberg

    Hey, other Matthew Rothenberg — congratulations on today’s New York Times story, which has garnered me much kudos from wiseguys in my own office who know perfectly well you outrank me on Google.

    Until someone decides there’s a big enough market to make disambiguating Matthew Rothenbergs a curated service, I think your split-screen option is a winner! In the words of the Black Sheep, “You can go for this, or you can for that.”


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