Matthew Rothenberg: Guy on the home page

The book tour I did with TheLadders CEO Marc Cenedella to support “You’re Better Than Your Job Search,” a mess of media interviews and my recent appearance as spokesmodel on TheLadders home page has given me a certain status as company mascot.

At a recent dinner we had in honor of Diwali, some of the newer employees were referring to me as “the guy on the home page.” I feel a little like the fellow who brandishes his pants on the Subway advertisements! (Seriously, it’s been a lot of fun and a very good chance to improve my media chops. I’m also considering buying some nubby ties.)

2 thoughts on “Matthew Rothenberg: Guy on the home page

  1. Ronald

    I cant believe you got a wikipedia listing! That is so rad! I think as notorious a web delinquent as I have been I should have one. But then- I’m considering increasing my web presence to the point that my earthly presence is no longer necessary. I’ve got the marketing analysts working all the angles. I’m shooting for a ghost in the machine/Philip K Dick type of deal.

    Aloha- TLH.


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