King of New York

I’ve been even worse about keeping this blog going lately — but between putting energy into the Che Underground online history project, getting into the groove for summer fun and interacting with just about everybody in New York media, something’s got to give!

I’m basically having the most fun I’ve had since we moved here in ’01. I’m doing cool work for BNET as well as a few other companies looking for a little advice, and I’m catching up with people I enjoy all over town. Friday I was at the BBC getting T-shirts with fun Britishisms, then off to the offices at 57th and 10th as part of a little CBS-CNET meet-and-greet. We got to walk carefully around “The Guiding Light” set, and then I spun around in Katie Couric’s chair! (Not true about the spinning, but the looking was very cool.)

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