Happy post-Halloween!

Between Che Underground, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — oh, yeah, and real life! — this blog has been growing a bit weedy.

I started my very cool new job at TheLadders at the beginning of September … Sadie and Lily entered 10th and 6th grades, respectively … Nancy has been arting it up furiously … And we’ve been engaged in the usual run of family holiday fun, most notably our elaborate preparations for Halloween.

Our front yard is the scariest on the block, and Sadie and Lily outdid themselves as Rorschach from the “Watchmen” graphic novel and one of a pair of cupcakes. Lily is the one on the right in this photo from yesterday’s Halloween party in Maplewood Village.

2 thoughts on “Happy post-Halloween!

  1. Matthew Rothenberg

    Jack: Ehhhh, this joint is just kind of a homing beacon so old friends can locate me by name and I can send out occasional, innocuous updates on the family’s doings.

    I’m comfortable with this blog being less Web 2.0 and more along the lines of those old family newsletters people used to send out to friends.

    I’m keeping frantically busy with the Che Underground blog, plus interacting a lot with Facebook, Twitter and assorted other social-networking baguetelles. This place, I’m not unhappy about maintaining a much gentler pace.


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