Get down on the good foot

This is what I tried to post from my Blackberry Jan. 2 … Sadly, the word-verification feature thwarted me, but trying it was a nice distraction:

“My first blog entry of 2007 is also my first composed on the Blackberry. And I hope it’s the very last written in a hospital bed, which is where I ended up yesterday afternoon after a misstep on our basement staircase.

“My ankle turned one way; my foot, another; and now the former is full of pins keeping the latter pointed in the right direction.

“I’ve got another night at St. Barnabas, then six to eight weeks negotiating the twisty routes at home and work.”

… Now it’s Thursday, and I was brought home in another ambulance. Nancy bought me a shiny new Lazy Boy, and I’ve got the big bottle of Percocet. Cheers!

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