Dartanyan’s alive!

I like Googling former colleagues, and ex-MacWEEK reporter Dartanyan Brown seems to generate the most fascinating entries of any of us.

Here, Dartanyan is identified as the original vector for the Paul-is-dead bug symptomatic of late-stage Beatlemania:

“It’s worth noting, as well, that Tim Harper, author of the first-ever printed story on the hoax, was not the source of any of these clues. In an email interview, Mr. Harper said that at the time he published his article, he hoped that the perpetrators would come forth and admit their part in the hoax; he wrote his article for informational purposes only.

“Mr. Harper says he got his information from a fellow Drake student and Times-Delphic writer, Dartanyan Brown. Mr. Brown told me by email that in 1969 he lived in a rooming house frequented by musicians, and that one of them (he doesn’t recall who) recounted the hoax and said that he’d heard it on the California west coast. Mr. Brown also recalled having read about the hoax in some underground newspapers at the time, though this cannot be substantiated. No published source prior to Mr. Harper’s Times-Delphic piece is known.”

Turn me on, Dart-man!

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