Come as you are

There was much rejoicing in Maplewood yesterday evening as Halloween fever overran the village, where the kids get to warm up the booty call by trick-or-treating the local vendors.

Halloween is of course the holiest night of our daughters’ year, and both of them spent much energy and lucre tricking out our front lawn and their own costumes: Lily cutting capers as The Cat in the Hat and Sadie challenging gender stereotypes as a werewolf-princess.

Indeed, the latter costume garnered a prize in the annual costume contest, sparking noisy jubilation on the one hand and fierce sibling rivalry on the other. Toss four pounds of chocolate into the mix and shake!

Where’s Waldo? Nancy and Lily are in the crowd here and here; look for the red-and-white striped hat.

One thought on “Come as you are

  1. Tom Ward

    Werewolf-princess! A whole universe of compound costumes, like the compound words of the German language, beckons to me. Next year: a werewolfprincessbridevampire.


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