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Parrot Anniversary

Nancy and I decided that 17 years of marriage marks the Parrot Anniversary and bought ourselves a sun conure. Bozzie is a very entertaining critter who might be the smartest thing in the house; she’s certainly got us well-trained! She’s incredibly interactive, very loud, very messy and entirely endearing.

Besides Bozzie, our current livestock quota comprises one dog, one cat, two rats, one guinea pig, one hamster and a Siamese fighting fish; keeping some of the pets from eating the rest is a logistical challenge everyone welcomes.

My one regret is the matching conure we had to leave behind. (If anybody’s interested, tell the PetCo at Essex Green Mall in West Orange, NJ, that I sent you.)

My father’s blog

When my folks were in town last weekend (thankfully, before the big blackout that knocked us offline for a few days) I helped my dad set up a blog here.

Here’s the thesis: “In this age of internet and blog the possibility opens of a free circulation of works (poems and poetics in the present instance) outside of any commercial or academic nexus. I will therefore be posting work of my own, both new & old, that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to access, and I will also, as it comes to me, post work by others in the manner of a freewheeling on-line anthology or magazine. I take this to be in the tradition of autonomous publication by poets, going back to Blake and Whitman and Dickinson, among numerous others.”

King of New York

I’ve been even worse about keeping this blog going lately — but between putting energy into the Che Underground online history project, getting into the groove for summer fun and interacting with just about everybody in New York media, something’s got to give!

I’m basically having the most fun I’ve had since we moved here in ’01. I’m doing cool work for BNET as well as a few other companies looking for a little advice, and I’m catching up with people I enjoy all over town. Friday I was at the BBC getting T-shirts with fun Britishisms, then off to the offices at 57th and 10th as part of a little CBS-CNET meet-and-greet. We got to walk carefully around “The Guiding Light” set, and then I spun around in Katie Couric’s chair! (Not true about the spinning, but the looking was very cool.)

Nancy’s paperwork

We’re even busier than usual, for an exciting reason: Nancy was awarded a fellowship in printing and paper-making down at Rutgers, a big honor that’s got her commuting to New Brunswick, NJ. That means, we’re a two-commute family for two weeks — a situation that became more complicated today when Lily had to stay home sick. It definitely gives us an appreciation for the kind of gymnastics many of our neighbors go through every day!

Wendell and me

The power of Google: Ace photographer Harold Gee posted this picture of me and Noise 292 percussionist Wendell Kling rocking the acoustic at Presidio Park back in 1984. I must reconnect with the most excellent Mr. Gee …

Update: I coincidentally unearthed a 1991 memoir I wrote about that summer that includes mention of Harold and the circumstances of this photo. “Our stretch of Presidio Park was @ the foot of a five-sided tower on a hillside, w/a pretty good view of downtown & the Navy docks; [Hair Theatre vocalist] Sergio & I entertained a pack of skinheaded youngsters there one night w/Donovan & Creedence & Dylan numbers, & there were usually four or five guitars & maybe a harmonica floating around the crowd. Harold Gee, another older guy, an eternal local photographer & jeweler & writer, showed up w/Chris Negro a couple of times & added his trumpet to the Presidio mix. “

My San Diego gigs

More library science: I’ve used my own stash of fliers to assemble a preliminary list of the shows I played in the mid-’80s. I know this isn’t exhaustive: All reminiscences and addenda welcome!

Noise 292

May 26: Ché Café, with the Answers and the Odds
May 27: Revelle Quad, with Know Discipline
June 30: Muir College Tennis Courts, with The Rockin’ Dogs
July 29: Ché Café, with the Answers (and Hair Theatre??)
August 26: Headquarters, with the Pandoras and the Answers
Nov. 5: Ché Café, with the Wallflowers and Hair Theatre
Nov. 12: UCSD Rec Gym, with the Pandoras, the Odds and the Answers
Nov. 17: Ché Café, with Hair Theatre and 11 Sons
Nov. 27: Ché Café (art show)?

Feb. 9: Ché Café, with the Wallflowers
Feb. 11: UCSD Rec Gym, with the Three O’Clock and the Odds
Feb. 24: Ché Café, with the Odds and the Front
April 14: UCSD Rec Gym, with the Unclaimed, the Mirrors and the Odds
April 19: Ché Café, with the Tell-Tale Hearts, the Wallflowers and the Rockin’ Dogs
April 25: Center for Music Experiment, with Jerome Rothenberg and Bertram Turetzky
April 29: The Club (AIDS benefit)
May 30(?): Chris Henry’s house party
May (?): Pea Soup Andersen’s (Jesse Jackson benefit)
June 3: Becky Cohen photo installation
June 6: Torrey Pines Theater, with Shades of Grey
July 13 or 14(?): Anticlub, LA
July 28: House party at Paul Allen’s (first appearance by the Morlocks)
August 10: Party in Anaheim
August 11: The Web, UCSB campus, with the Whitefronts
Oct. 31: Greenwich Village West, with the Morlocks, the Wallflowers, Hair Theatre and Cindy Lee Berryhill

3 Guys Called Jesus

August: Kavern Klub, LA, with Manual Scan and the Nephews
August 31/Sept. 1: Go Go Impossible (Kristy Maddox event)
Oct. 19: Jimmy’s Place, Point Loma, with the Nashville Ramblers and Hair Theatre
Oct. 22: Spirit, with Liquid Rhythm, Ten Yards, Drive-Ins
Oct. 26: Ché Café (Mexican earthquake benefit), with Camper van Beethoven (first SD gig), Hair Theatre, Black Tango, Synesthesia, Everybody Violet, Holy Moroccos
Dec. 2-4: That Dada Strain (play), at PJ’s Warehouse Restaurant
Dec. 20: “Bon Voyage Party” with Decision
Dec. 27: Party at John Stees’ house

Jan. 11: Jackie Robinson YMCA, with the Leaving Trains, Black Tango, Death Bunny
March 1: Jackie Robinson YMCA, with the Angry Samoans, RasZebraE, Decision
April 11: Big John’s, Anaheim, with Love & Terror, Incomplete Monday
April 16: Club Cult
May 6: Spirit, with Ashcan School
May 9: New Generation, with Cambridge Apostles, Bell Jar
May 12: Club Fester
May 16: North Park Lions Club, with Specimen, Tell-Tale Hearts
May 31: Party at John Stees’ house
August 28: Spirit, with Camper van Beethoven, Idiot Savant, Social Spit
Oct. 22: Spirit

Jan. 10: Spirit, with the Hitters, the Landlords, Dick Hippo, Blue Puss
Jan. 30: Club Cult (at Wok Express)

Noise 292 at UCSD

Delving even further into my back pages, here are a couple of images with David Rives, Kristin Martin, Wendell Kling and Joanne Norris of pioneering noise-psychedelic warriors Noise 292. This was in the UCSD rec gym, probably in November 1983 (with the Pandoras, the Answers and the Odds) or in February 1984 (with the Three O’Clock and the Odds).

For my next trick, I must figure out how to upload MP3s!

Art History

I’m working on my rock-‘n’-roll archives, exhuming a lot of ancient analog assets to share digitally with old bandmates. Here’s a shot I found in a set of low-quality Polaroids taken from an early rehearsal (circa 1985) with 3 Guys Called Jesus.

I’m eager to collect any sounds and sights from our old San Diego scene (as well as subsequent musical efforts in San Francisco). If you’ve seen this man, please ping me!