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Taking WordPress for a spin

Iron Man coreOK — the platform situation is starting to improve around here. The look may be Spartan right now, but at least I’ve migrated the contents of my personal blog from Blogger to the familiar and flexible environment of WordPress. Like Iron Man, I can feel the power rushing back into my core!

Thanks go out to Jason Brownell for making the switch from the old location; next up, we’ll redirect this spankin’ new version to the domain and forget that whole Blogger era ever happened.

Exodus from Blogger

Next step toward getting real with this blog: transferring it to a more flexible platform that will let me turn into a lean, mean self-promotion machine.

That means porting the blog over from its old digs on Blogger to a hosted WordPress environment I can skin like a bunny. I’ll also try to apply plug-ins to maintain whatever modest links this pig has collected over the years.

I’m looking forward to a technical assist from my pal, former Amazons bassist and Sceneroller partner Jason Brownell, who’ll be visiting from San Francisco tomorrow. We’re going to be talking about next moves for our software … and setting me up in a better position to publicize it won’t hurt!

Stay tuned for this blog to start looking a little more legit in the next few days. (Isn’t this meta?)

Great balls of WordPress!

I sent Sunday’s confessional around to a few friends with social-media smarts — it’s a way of ensuring I keep momentum and get this thing up to snuff.

The first response I received: “It takes balls to confess to using Blogger!” Not only is that motivation for me to make the migration to WordPress, it also has the makings of a dandy T-shirt slogan!

Confessions of a half-ass blogger

Like Geraldo Rivera prying open “Al Capone’s vaults,” I broke a few electronic locks on this blog and slid into the dusty darkness. And like Geraldo, the results are pretty underwhelming — a few bottles here, some mummified rats in the corner, and not a lot of content.

For a blog titled “” — a blog that bears the domain of someone with decades in the business of communicating, mostly via the written word — this place really sucks.

To start cleaning up this mess, I might as well consider how it got so musty and flyblown in the first place.

Confession #1: I only set up this blog as a container for my resume. Back in October 2006, my friend and then-Hachette colleague Chris Herring pointed out that while I’d been happily participating in social media for years (including curating the user-generated content for ZDNet News), I’d never gotten around to taking this simple step toward self-promotion. D’oh!

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Keeping it real

Albatross! Get your albatross!

Has this ever happened to you? Having set up this blog a couple of years ago, I feel like I need to feed it occasionally … But in the meantime, all the social networking I’m doing with the Che Underground blog, Facebook, Twitter, et al. — not to mention my day job at TheLadders, where we’re currently figuring out our blogging play — has me everywhere else on the Web but here.

And while I don’t suffer from introversion or a lack of ego, there’s just so much truly personal detail I want to commit to the unpredictable currents of the Web.

I’m comfortable treating this blog as a beacon for old friends looking for me online and as a spot for the occasional G-rated family bulletin, akin to those newsletters people used to mail around to their friends (“Nussbaum Family News: All’s well at our house … Richard broke an arm, and little Melanie won a star for her finger painting. Oh, and Darlene and I have agreed to see other people. Happy holidays!”)

Anybody else wondering exactly what to do with their personal blogs as other social-networking options proliferate? I’d like to hear suggestions!

PS: Everybody here is in fact doing wonderfully. Nancy is selling a gratifying amount of art in this down economy (and blogging admirably!); the kids are rockin’ at school, and the veterinary bills have been surprisingly modest. Here’s to 2009!