Monthly Archives: August 2007

2037, I break a hip

I just passed a significant anniversary in my orthopedic history: Thirty years ago last week (while visiting friends in Milwaukee) I got on a skateboard for the second and last time and promptly tore the top off my left tibia. While I was in the emergency waiting room, we got word that Elvis had died.

I’d actually mused to myself that I was about to enter my fourth decade without breaking a bone just a little while before my January 2007 fall, which succeeded in busting the other leg.

Empty nesting

As I mentioned before, I’m too old and too busy to maintain a proper blog. Instead, I figure these little postings are the electronic equivalent of those family newsletters folks used to send around in the envelope-and-stamp days. “Hey! We’re all alive and well out here, and doing things that you’re only marginally interested in!”

In that spirit, everybody had a nice couple of weeks when the kids decamped (haw, haw!) to Camp Eagle Island up in the Adironacks. They swam and sang and cleaned latrines, while Nancy and I caught up on some New York tourism, the first week in the company of Nancy’s lovely sister Sue. We saw “Avenue Q,” Nancy and Sue visited art galleries in Chelsea and Brooklyn, and we caught up on a variety of museums and restaurants.

Now we’re systematically checking off the remaining items on Lily’s summer to-do list. Yesterday, we milled around Rockefeller Center and Times Square (Nintendo Center, Toys ‘R’ Us, Red Lobster, Macy’s); today, we got some dim sum. If we can fit in a water park in the next couple weeks, we’re cooking with gas!