Monthly Archives: July 2007

A very lame blogger

I am a very lame blogger, judging both from the quantity and quality of my posts here. While I try to keep this little online lighthouse lit to attract old friends, I fear I’m both too old and too busy to give this blog its due as a vehicle for personal expression. (Ironically enought, those old friends will remember how prolific a correspondent I was back in the days of manual typewriters, when I had the time and self-absorption befitting my age.)

But in the absence of a true running commentary, here’s a cursory update of our recent movements chez Rothenberg:

1. We left on vacation for Michigan two weeks ago, camper in tow. We traveled 600 miles, visited Greenfield Village in Dearborn, drove another 150 miles, camped at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park with Nancy’s wonderful family. Sadie got two baby rats from Silver Fuzz Rattery in Grand Rapids!

2. We hitched up the trailer Sunday and drove 390 miles to Youngstown Ohio. On Monday, we drove another 383 miles home to Maplewood. We unpacked.

3. Tuesday morning I flew to John Wayne Airport to meet in Hachette’s Newport Beach offices with the estimable online staffs of Road & Track and Car and Driver. Last night, I strolled the South Coast mall in Costa Mesa with my parents.

4. Today I drove to the LA office to visit the delightful folks at Tonight, I take the redeye back to Newark. Sunday is Sadie’s 14th birthday!