Monthly Archives: April 2007

Blood brothers

I’ve been taking the train to and from work most days now. It’s a bit arduous navigating the ups and downs of the platforms — and the crowds — but I am happy for the speed and convenience of NJ Transit and the subway.

I usually leave from the South Orange station because it has an elevator and a raised platform. So does this other guy whose right ankle is still in a fiberglass cast and who moves around with the help of a little scooter on which he rests his knee.

The other day the elevator was broken, so I lent this guy my crutches to get up the stairs. Turns out he also has a trimalleolar fracture (which he received on the ice outside his house); also went to St. Barnabas’ emergency room; also got screwed back together by Dr. Cheema; and also woke up in the OR to loud rock music. I feel so redundant!